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Urban Regeneration Contractors

Kavco Group have a proven track record in providing local authority housing on time and within budget, 

Kavco Group have a real passion for urban regeneration projects, with many of our staff, working and living in the communities, we are striving to improve, we find it hard to discover a more rewarding development.

We take great pride in our ability to step back and view our projects from a different angle than most construction companies.

We find, it is this view, that makes all the difference. We understand we are not just building a development, but a community.

Urban regeneration is an ongoing process in Ireland, as we move into a modern global world, We strive to provide best in class urban regeneration.  

Community regeneration is not just an aspect of our company, its a passion. It’s crucial for any regeneration scheme to look at the issues that may have been responsible for decay in an area to begin with.

We strive to build better communities. 

We are Building the Future and Restoring the Past